KAREN Robson, who is fighting to take the Bridgend seat for the Conservatives at the general election in June, has launched her campaign.

The candidate, who is a former Welsh Woman of the year, set herself on the election trail at a party event held in Porthcawl attended by local members and the party’s Monmouth candidate and former MP David Davies.

Ms Robson, who was a leave voter during last year’s referendum, said that if elected she would work hard to support Theresa May in obtaining a good deal for trade and jobs in the Brexit negotiations.

She said: “It is crucial that we have a strong team to lead us into these important talks and I urge the people of Bridgend to support Theresa May as our prime minister at this pivotal moment in our country’s           history.

“This is not the time for any of Labour’s shilly-shallying about the outcome of the referendum or for backsliding. Labour’s Madeleine Moon voted against triggering Article 50 in Parliament despite it being the clear wish of the people of Bridgend that we should leave the EU.

“Voters need to send a strong message to Brussels that Theresa May has overwhelming support throughout the country to deliver a good deal for the country.”

Ms Robson, aged 47, has worked for 20 years with disabled students in South Wales ensuring that they get the education they deserve.

She comes from a military family and is a former army reservist herself. She has strong links to veterans and the charities which support them.