The information was obtained by Coun Ken Watts of Newton who put in a request for this information after questioning what was happening with part-time staff at Porthcawl Harbour.

Coun. Watts asked the council how many people it employed on zero hours contracts and was told that the answer was 344 – representing five per cent of the council’s workforce of 6544.

Coun Watts said: “I have nothing against zero hours contracts and in the case of the harbour workers, this is the arrangement that suits them the best. But the Labour Party has been revealed as being hypocritical on this matter – condemning employers for putting workers on them while its own council in Bridgend is also doing just that. “

Regional AM Suzy Davies said that figures like this pointed to the emptiness of Labour’s fake rage against such contracts.

She said: “Edwina Hart, the Welsh Labour government’s recently retired Minister for the Economy wanted to ban zero hours contracts. Jeremy Corbyn has consistently spoken out against zero hours contracts and condemned private sector employers who operate them.

“They may like to claim that zero hours contracts are an affront to workers’ rights but when Labour councils use them, it’s a different story.

“The Conservatives in Cardiff Bay and Westminster recognise that some workers are happy to use these contacts because they themselves need the flexibility – to move more easily to other jobs, to work part time or to manage other responsibilities such as acting as a carer which may be unpredictable.

“However, David Cameron’s government ensured that employers cannot tie employees into exclusive zero hours contracts as they remove the advantage to the employee.

“No-one wants to see zero hours contracts abused but Labour needs to get its own house in order before pointing the finger.”