REGIONAL AM Suzy Davies is calling for the Hillsboro Place Car Park in Porthcawl to be upgraded.

Mrs Davies, who is a Welsh Conservative, said that the car park was the gateway into Porthcawl for many visitors.

“Great things are happening in Porthcawl at the moment,” she said. “I have recently met the team behind the Maritime Centre and have also been to see the newly refurbished Jennings Building. BCBC has also played its part by regenerating the harbour and the area around it.

“But the major Porthcawl Regeneration Scheme, which includes Salt Lake, is stalled. I recently met Bridgend Council leader Huw David and officers and I understand that while talks are on-going about the scheme, nothing is likely to happen any time soon.

“The Hillsboro Place car park was due to be a part of phase 1 of the regeneration which was a supermarket scheme. It now seems increasingly unlikely that a supermarket will be built, It’s getting difficult to stick with the line that other necessary work can wait until the Regeneration Scheme springs back into life.

“I am calling again on the council to upgrade the car park by re-surfacing it and improving the walk-way through to the town centre.

“At the moment, people have to pick their way over a potholed and rough surface which is difficult for older people, anyone with mobility problems – not just wheelchair users, parents with tots in pushchairs or even those of us in high heels!

“The car park is the first thing that many visitors to Porthcawl see and it does not give a good first impression. Once the Maritime Centre is open, the majority of people visiting it will park in Hillsboro so it is crucial that something is done.

“We also need a better link between the car park and Hillsboro Place itself. Many people use this as their access to John Street and the town centre. At the moment, it is very rough and overgrown. We need to have a proper ramp and steps provided.

“I urge BCBC to grasp the nettle and invest money into this car park now. I know that in the past they were reluctant as the money would have been wasted once the supermarket scheme was underway but we need to get real here.

“The council gets a good income from the car park so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to put some of that money back into the town.”