REGIONAL AM Suzy Davies has condemned HSBC bank for leaving its former branch in Maesteg’s main street as a blank frontage when promises were made that artwork would be installed.

Mrs Davies, who is a Welsh Conservative, met bank officers when they announced that the Maesteg branch would close.

She said: “I was at pains to stress that the large frontage that the branch occupied in Talbot Street should not be left blank and they said they were going to either put in some blown- up pictures of the area or decals which would give the impression that this shop front was still occupied.

“The branch closed at the end of May but here we are in October with the blank frontage they promised would not happen.

“This is simply not good enough. HSBC made a lot of profit for the many years it and the former Midland Bank traded in Maesteg. There were lots of warm words about commitment to the town and its customers but as soon as the bank closes, they mean nothing. The people of the Llynfi Valley deserve better.

“I sincerely hope that a new owner can be found to take over what is a substantial property in the town’s main shopping street but in the meantime, they must honour their promise to make their premises as attractive as possible.

“They owe it to the other traders in Maesteg who have had to deal with the recent closure of the town’s historic indoor market.

“Maesteg needs a leg up now – not another put down from an apparently uncaring banking corporation which has taken its money and run.”