Labour does not value or understand rural communities. They do not share our vision that with the right support rural Wales could be an economic powerhouse. Through the responsible use of abundant natural resources, distance-busting IT, and more enterprise focused planning regulations,

much-needed jobs can be generated, while protecting the unique characteristics of rural Wales. Of course Welsh agriculture must adapt to the changing demands of the 21st century, balancing the need to protect and enhance the natural environment while increasing food production to meet growing global demand.


Farmers and businesses all across rural Wales need a new voice. A Welsh Conservative Assembly Government will revitalise rural Wales and create a vibrant and mixed economy that enhances the

network of family farms across Wales. We will support key growth markets like food tourism and country sports. And we know how important it is to rescue the flawed Glastir scheme and slash

needless red tape. We must also reverse the decline in biodiversity and restore the vital ecosystems in our countryside, rivers and seas.


Support Farmers and Rural Communities

Guarantee access to public services through a Rural Charter.

Work to secure continuity of direct payments during CAP reform negotiations.

Redesign the Glastir agri-environment scheme to secure maximum landowner participation and achieve Wales’ environmental goals.

Reduce red tape and bureaucracy, increasing the competitiveness of Welsh agriculture.

Develop a more enterprise-focused planning policy which also allows for community participation and reward in economic and social development, including the release of more land for

affordable housing.

Introduce an integrated package of support for young farmers.

Promote Animal Welfare and Food Security

Ensure that public sector food procurement is local, seasonal, and from sustainably certified sources wherever possible.

Pursue Protected Geographic Status for unique Welsh produce, increase funding for promoting Welsh food and drink, and promote food tourism in Wales.


Protect Wales’ high standards of farm animal welfare, and work with the Food Standards Agency to protect small abattoirs.

Introduce a comprehensive programme of bovine TB eradication.

Provide local allotment space for all who need it, working in partnership with local authorities and landowners.

Support a full programme of measures to safeguard animal health in Wales and protect livestock from disease.

Protect the Countryside

Give communities the opportunity to take over the running of local amenities including village halls, community centres, pubs and post offices. Tailored business support will be available to assist those managing community assets.

Support major projects to restore and create wildlife habitats across Wales funded by revenue from wind farms on public land.

Protect public access to woodland and prioritise funding for new forestry in areas where it reduces flood risk.

Introduce a licensing system and national code of conduct for all river users to safeguard fishing stocks and promote responsible access for unpowered craft.

Promote Wales as a destination for outdoor and country sports.