Welsh Conservative Regional AM Suzy Davies, who is also a farmer's wife, is urging Welsh Government to sign up to Welsh Conservative policy by making the installation of CCTV cameras in all abattoirs compulsory.

Suzy Davies, who represents South Wales West, said she was delighted that the UK Government had followed their Welsh party lead and hoped that the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff would do the same.

She said: “Farmers in Wales and elsewhere in the UK spend years rearing and caring for their livestock. When the time comes for these animals to go for slaughter, farmers need to be assured that the animals are treated with respect and humanely killed. There is no place in our meat supply chain for any incidents of either casual or systematic cruelty and consumers also need to be assured that their meat has been sourced from animals that have not been subjected to needless suffering.

“This is a very important and emotive subject. Welsh Conservatives at the Assembly have long argued for CCTV cameras to be placed into our slaughterhouses and now that a new law is being proposed for England, I would urge the Welsh Labour Government to accept the argument and move ahead in Wales.

“We must have our own law which makes the installation of these cameras compulsory and for all footage to be made available to government vets and officials when inspections are carried out.”

Mrs Davies added that secret filming in some abattoirs in England had revealed systematic abuse of animals.

She went on: “This is unacceptable in Wales or anywhere else and must be eliminated. Those responsible must be unmasked and prosecuted. As a society, we cannot tolerate this.”