A strong society must respect and engage with the interests and needs of all its members, regardless of age. Living in your own home, access to transport, the availability of public services – these are things that make for a good quality of life. It should surprise no one that they are central to the concerns of older people. In addition, we must ensure that older people are always treated with dignity when they are in the care of others – whether that be in hospital, a care home or their own home.


A Welsh Conservative Assembly Government will be a new voice for older people. Tackling elder abuse and age discrimination will be a priority. We will continue to work closely with the Older People’s Commissioner to protect and promote the welfare of older people. We will ensure that as many older people as possible are supported to live independently in their own homes.

Furthermore, we believe the skills and life experiences of older people should be utilised in decision-making and the development of services.


Respect Older People

Run a national awareness campaign against elder abuse and age discrimination.

Recognise the large role that grandparents play in caring for children within the family.

Introduce a requirement for bodies to consult older people when making decisions which affect their lives.

Highlight the danger of scam letters, bills and phone calls so vulnerable people don’t face intimidation and lose money.

 Improve Access to Public Transport

 Protect free bus passes for older people.

 Develop an ‘Access to Public Transport’ policy. We will work with local authorities and community transport providers to ensure disabled passengers are given the necessary help to travel.

 Phase in audio and text announcements on public transport.

 Help Older People to Live Independent Lives

 Support flexible working practices, especially for older people.

Develop the ‘Centres for Independent Living’ model within Wales by working with local authorities and the third sector. These centres promote independent living, advocacy, peer support and advice.

 Invest in therapy services, to promote independent living.

 Make personal care budgets availablefor all those that wish to have the power to shape their own social care, enabling them to choose services and care providers which suit their own particular needs.

 Invest in Health

 Protect NHS expenditure each and every year in real terms for the next four years.

 Protect free prescriptions for all older people.

 Increase investment for stroke services and hospices.

 Establish a cancer drugs fund to give Welsh patients the best possible treatments.

 Strengthen Advocacy Services

 Ask the Older People’s Commissioner to conduct a review of advocacy services for older people.

 Ensure the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is a National Assembly for Wales appointment.